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       在我看来,新冠肺炎患者的发热、高烧退了、稳定了,病情也就很有可能转危为安了。所以,“速效退热灵”就是速退新冠肺炎高烧的特效药!它如能在国内外推广应用,不仅可以较快救治数以十万计的“新冠肺炎”高烧确诊患者和疑似患者的高烧,提高治愈率、降低死亡率, 而且还可以为患者节约巨量的医药开支。

                                 峨眉山市济生堂  谢文武  2020.9.24(农历8月初八)

                                联系电话:18080610218  微信号:17378909779  qq号:1443905652

                                   To fight the high fever of new crown pneumonia, overseas Chinese are welcome to try the "Quick-acting Antipyretic"!

        "New crown pneumonia" has spread globally. The epidemic is difficult to control. Thousands of patients with new coronary pneumonia die every day due to lack of effective treatment.
       Regardless of the hundreds of "plagues" in ancient China or the "SARS" and "new coronary pneumonia" that have emerged in recent years, most of the first symptoms are fever and high fever. After becoming a critically ill patient, the cause is mostly high fever. Therefore, when large and small hospitals at home and abroad want to screen suspected patients with "new coronary pneumonia", the first thing is to check for fever and high fever.
       The "Quick-acting Antipyretic Ling" pure Chinese medicinal formula that I successfully researched in 1993 is a collection of the essence of ancient and modern febrile diseases and plague formulas. Years of clinical verification proves that it has special effects on pneumonia, flu, measles and high fever (including moderate and low fever) in infants, young children, and the elderly throughout the year, and most of them can be completely cured within 2-5 days. Since its inception, it has treated hundreds of patients with refractory high fever who are difficult to cure in Chinese and Western hospitals in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. It has long been well-known in the medical field, the Internet and the public.
       In my opinion, the fever and high fever of patients with new coronary pneumonia have disappeared and stabilized, and the condition is likely to turn from crisis to safety. Therefore, "Quick-acting Antipyretic Ling" is a special medicine for quickening the high fever of new coronary pneumonia! If it can be promoted and applied at home and abroad, it can not only treat hundreds of thousands of patients with high fever of "new coronary pneumonia" diagnosed and suspected patients with high fever, increase the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate, but also save a huge amount of patients. Medical expenses.

                                 Jishengtang, Emeishan City Xie Wenwu 2020.9.24 (the eighth day of the eighth lunar month)

                                Contact number: 18080610218 WeChat number: 17378909779 QQ number: 1443905652


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